“Trois pièces” Alex Nante

written in july 2018 (10, 12, and 14)

after a few unique evenings with Alex contemplating ideas of life’s length, the sustain of life, its certain


the necessary dance of the cosmos. this explores what is being through transitions or entities – musical ones.

winds of thickness, of mass gliding along its beard or trail like a comet.

1. Evocation

Vocal and words summoning things to come as the λόγια , λόγος comes even before dreams and knowledges. Where does contrast lie, in this fold of time, or in the flux of thoughts? These are not opposed

2. (Rapido possibile) mercuriale

No ethos, nor pathos, same undercurrents here worn by an iron wall – gliding along it’s warmth. Like a thunder through the sky, from afar – does one hear I at this distance? Yet it reaches down to me. What was but latent in the first piece (even the contrasts/transition) becomes here a large swaying circle, which center is in motion. A comedy of sorts a wheel running down. La brume des dieux et la brume de leur courage nous nourrit.

3. Religioso

The heart of the conversation with Alex. Tsim tsum, great breath of that which lives through retiring, stepping away but not down. Just words being slowly changed through breath and resonance into the special reason and quietness of music. Soft hommage to those who wandered and lost their words, lost them by sending them in the air. Learn and forget breathe together as up and downbow do.

Gracias Alex



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