dream of Odysseus

Thoughtslinesleo 4.png

lines for defining a space – science of translation is for adding direction, implying reducing fields of meaning. Scene as laboratory for the soul, a cauldron, where only sound comes out – and limits are often attractive to who seeks… where only sounds leak out from the obtuse concave walls. Whatever the object is, the limit the forbidding thing the condemnation are very tempting.

at the beginning of the Whole was not the one, but the decision to unify: to gather elements, far and unfathomed, an attempt. This, this action, started. Where dialogue appeared. Undependent of taste, the logos speaks, and is common to all, with no beginning, no end; only a mediation it offers. Only the Altar. it is only, beginning, the modality of being one side or another: choice to be one Riverside or the other. Bring light and demise, all. Hesiod’s night is a wrong word. There’s a metaphor at the beginning of the universe. to direct the sea of meanings is the goal. It can, for now that it is in me, lead to any opposite: but I must chose which link to create. The things linked I will not create, but the connection. the word does not substitute itself for anything which precedes it. It cannot kill. I love so much I keep asking questions.

dream of Odysseus, who became.

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