Side by face, face to side.






condemned to take this up on the ..

ëëëÄooo iiiii ii geeeeeaAIIÏÏ

TO take this ask ask never listen though




palmed eyes for all flowers

why ears there and not mouths? I want what I see not to know about it

it for 7 for all either true, probably

i eee i ee iii plural or necessary

un œil près de mon oeil

trop trop trop pour tous et rien alors alors

c’est alors que je verrais

si tu étais still here.

Side by face, face to side.

against the self-repeating rug of a mirror

beneath it, more likely always there

otherside of paper.

of Island from tomorrow, divine épéï

separating us the cleft/wound that you dealt. always part of yesterday you are. otherside of this sea, I see someone standing. Under you I am always like those pyramids like this tree, this house. Always taller, closer to whatever sky treasures. I am for water, this fear of mean. closed attention. like being surrounded by paper that’s been drenched in water. That’s how art feels. Art is all for me – blinded we both are. Will you, Eurydice, find me within this strength?

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