y tt : i r yy : r:: ii e: tt ir rr r i y iiy ::: i r :e i ii

that articulation is source of the body, and of the experience of the world – before that of the body, of the world. twice because body is consciousness. intermission and interval ever iterating. What the whole in me brings to the whole of the world. loops of impossible self-presence, being dilated through time, so we end up with several SAME also never again together except in this abomination. consider ev’ry word y: i:ii: t: t: a title, that’s how you cover tracks, your being: leave them only on memory, and see how your mind and its eye can revolve, through time, around the graph of the object.

modify Madness to slowly turned I. perversieve. the suffix meaning of, la, of the hero. Land of. Careful treading. Find what amongst dead? you dead, you dead, tot, tot, tot!

steal ever.

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